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Why Facebook Ads?

Bill Board Advertising

In San Diego, the average billboard ad cost $15,000 for one month!  Imagine spending fifteen grand to run an ad campaign that attracts only a tiny fraction of people driving by.   

Traditional forms of advertising such as prints, TV, radio and billboards are no longer effective.  Essentially a waste of money in today highly connected online world. 

Facebook Ads are different. 
You can actually choose you show your ads to. So if you target your ideal customer, than you only pay when your ideal customer sees your ad! How cool is that! 

What this means for results?

Since we are only showing our ads to our ideal customer, we are getting much more for our money. We can spend very little, and get lot in return.  

For example, in our first week of running ads for a condo development company in Houston, we spent $441 on ads got tons of leads. 6 of those leads turned into sales of $150,000 each. That’s $900,000 in gross sales from $441 in ads!  

Now that’s a good return on investment!

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Why You Need an Expert

Social Media Advertising 6

Running Facebook ads effective require skills.  If you aren’t a trained boxer and step in the ring, you are going to get killed!

The same goes for Facebook Ads. 

Your sales funnel, ads, targeting, or any other component isn’t top notch, you are not going to get those cheap leads as shown above. You also won’t get enough sales.

As a Facebook ads expert, my job is to make decisions with your money, so you don’t waste it!   

Decisions we make are things like..

  • Who to target so we are only showing ads to people highly likely to buy.
  • How to appeal to their pain points, emotions, and desires to easily
    convert them into leads, and ultimately sales.
  • How to budget so we you don’t waste money on things that won’t bring
    you revenue.
  • Plus all that tech stuff that no one else want to deal with.

In a nutshell, my job is to get you awesome results, without having to deal with all these stuff and allow you to focus on what you do best: serve your customers. 

Here's what can do for you

Facebook Marketing Services

I’ll create something for free that gives value. So if you are selling real estate, this could be a floor plan pdf, an invite to an open house, or whatever I decide resonates the most with your ideal customer.

I’ll create a simple sales funnel that automatically emails them this free gift in exchange for their name, email and phone. Now you have your lead!

I will create an awesome video ad for your business. Video ads perform the best of all types of Facebook advertising. 

I’ll target your ideal customer, and not just a “maybe” customer. This is where you will see cheap leads that convert into real SALES.

I’ll manage your entire ad campaign. You won’t have to lift a finger. You’ll get fresh leads emailed to you the second they come in. These will also be added to your email list automatically so you can follow up. 

How to get started now

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